For Zinner Consultants, “Sustainability in Policy and Practice” is more than our tag line. Simply put, it represents our life-long commitment to improving the environment.


Founded in 1990, we were among the pioneers who recognized the importance of sustainability and green building. Our consulting draws upon more than three decades of strategic thinking and real world application in design and construction, public policy, program planning and management, and education and training.

Combining planning, architecture, engineering, energy and environmental expertise, Zinner Consultants is uniquely able to undertake a broad spectrum of sustainability assignments; we frequently provide two or more of these related services for individual programs and projects. We deliver green solutions at all scales, from policy development to master planning to LEED and CHPS certification and incorporating CALGreen into individual projects. Our clients include developers and architects; cities, school districts, universities and other public agencies; businesses; cultural institutions; and utilities.

The firm’s origins are in founder John Zinner’s passion as an environmentalist and lover of cities. An avid backpacker in high school, John witnessed first-hand the degradation of the natural environment. While earning a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning, an inspiring solar lab launched John into the energy field. He never looked back with stints in Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley’s office as City Energy Coordinator; as a Santa Monica Planning Commissioner and co-creator of the City’s UN-recognized Sustainable City Plan; a ground-breaking role with the 500-acre Playa Vista development as environmental mitigation monitor and sustainable guidelines lead consultant; the developer of Los Angeles Unified School District’s first-in-the-nation high performance schools program; and an esteemed tenure on the Board of USGBC-LA and now the Board of CHPS, the Collaborative for High Performance Schools.

Our leadership team is rounded out by the expertise of engineer Glen Boldt and architect Susan Di Giulio. Glen brings over two decades of experience as an environmental and green building consultant, including his expertise as Southern California’s first LEED for Homes Green Rater. Since 2004, he has managed a wide variety of LEED and CHPS projects, including commercial buildings, schools and affordable housing. Susan has practiced architecture in Los Angeles since 1984. Her green building interest and experience ranges from the relationship between land use and ecosystems to the selection of appropriate materials.

Zinner Consultant’s longevity in the field has enabled us to develop practical strategies that help guarantee success.

On the macro level, our firm’s sustainability and green building master planning and program management assignments utilize common elements: collaborating, being inclusive and transparent, listening and educating. Our extensive experience with public and private institutions and large-scale developments means we know how to work successfully with large, complex project teams. From policy makers to planners and the general public, to architects, technical consultants and facility managers, our experience allows us to develop balanced strategies that earn broad acceptance.

On the micro, or building-by-building, level, Zinner Consultants has over three million square feet of LEED and CHPS certified projects. Our methodology is logical and systematic in order to assure accuracy, accountability and success. Green design must take into consideration budget, program, technical and construction realities. And, while LEED and CHPS certification and CALGreen are invaluable, we view these programs as tools to help improve building performance. We focus on guiding the green building process toward integrated, strategic decisions that create long-term value for our clients, end users and the environment. Given the pace of emerging green building resources, need and desire, there is little limit to what can be accomplished.

Across all our projects, success is when we inspire others to create the greenest communities and environments possible.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Zinner Consultants is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and are Proven Providers with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).